Free Netflix Accounts: How To Get Netflix For Free Easily

In this post will show you how to get a free Netflix account with lifetime subscription, and for the purpose of this, you won't need a credit card or any other stupid unnecessary thing. For all the jerks kids and everybody else that doesn't want to pay for watching their favorite movies TV shows or series, you'll need to use one thing for this, and this is smartphone or a tablet, and the reason that you need a smartphone or a tablet is because I found out this does not work from a laptop or a PC, and I don't know why, so don't ask me, and just use a towel or a smartphone.

It doesn't matter if it's an Android or iOS or Windows tablet or smartphone, it works and all that, so I'm going to pick up my phone and you should start following me.

Firstly, we want to go to this website, it's on the screen, guess you'll find it pretty fast and easy. This is a Netflix account generator website, it generates blind accounts for each unique IP address, what accounts are those who are not actually used by their real owners.

Let's use them, click on generate an account, you have to wait a little bit for this encryption, here's your account, but as you can see it's locked, and the reason for this is because many BOTS can take accounts from this website easily, I guess it's for security reasons.

Don't worry, we'll just click on this button, which says verify and this screen will pop up, just choose one of these apps, install it, and run it for like 30 seconds, or so penny to log and lock your accounting, you can use it. I already did this, so I'm not able to get two accounts from the same IP address, but here's my account I'm already logged in.

I'll show you that it works and you can watch anything you want here, let me start something for you, here is Narcos, I think I have to blur this footage because of copyright issue, no sparing tostada answers that I hold out, that's real Spanish. I hope this will help you.



This is about showing how to get Netflix for free, what need to do is if you have a block running, need to pause it, then go to this website called, download the extension called "edit this cookie", click on free Netflix to get the latest cookies, copy it and paste in import.